Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Sibling Love

I expect every woman pregnant with their second child fears that the oldest will be jealous, maybe even dislike their baby brother or sister. This was a huge fear of mine.

Mila was only twenty two months when Max was born. My husband and I did a pretty good job talking about the baby coming, reading her books, and just generally preparing her for a baby brother.

I guess it paid off because Mila loves Max so much.

Never would I have thought there would be no jealousy. I am sure the sibling rivalry will come but for now it is all hugs and kisses for these too.

I think Max really likes Mila too. He gives her all kinds of coos and smiles.

It is so cute when she imitates him. Mila realizes she is not the baby anymore and sometimes wants to be a baby but in the sweetest cutest way. Mila will put her hand in her mouth like Max or mimic his crys and laughs. She even wants me to hold her like a baby and feed her a sippy cup. She totally plays this up. It doesn't worry me the slightest bit.

Have I mentioned how blessed I am? I love these two so much. There are really no words for it!

And just because I have not posted a selfie lately. Here you go. Happy Wednesday folks. It is going to be a great day for me.

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