Monday, September 14, 2015

Tailgating With Two

This went down this weekend. My husband and I took both kids to an NC State Football game to tailgate! I had my doubts and even said to my husband that he should go without us.

After both Mila and Max were dressed, there was no way I was staying home. They looked adorable and I wanted to show them off!

It took a good thirty minutes to pack up. We had a diaper bag, bouncy chair for Max, Mila's chair, a cooler, snacks... It seemed never ending and like a lot of stuff but we had it all ready to go.

I wasn't sure how we were going to get both kids and all that stuff to the parking lot a good half mile from where we parked. Luckily my husband had a great plan and threw it all in his huge hockey bag. We had to break a few times on the hike to our tailgating spot, but we made it and I am so glad we did. Mila had such a great time and so did my husband and I. I am so glad I decided to go for it. Two children aren't stopping us! Max was a perfect baby too. Good times!

 Not sure if this Mama is ready for a hockey game with two!

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  1. I am so blessed to be their gma! They are both so precious!