Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My Pity Party is over.

In just a few days, Max has completely adjusted to his KinderBAND. He has no problem at all with the helmet. I am not even sure if he realizes he has it on.

Max has only slept in the helmet for a couple nights. The first night he seemed to toss and turn more than usual but last night he slept like a champ.

My husband and I are the ones having a hard time getting used to the whole head device thing. I overheard my husband telling Max he was sorry that he had to wear the helmet. I quickly said to my husband that we are the ones having a hard time with it. Max is fine. It is the truth. This is the same happy baby from last week. He is not complaining at all.

After running into a neighbor yesterday, I quickly realized after explaining everything to her about plagiocephaly and torticollis that she did not feel sorry for baby Max, she felt sorry for me.

I then started thinking about my other neighbor, the one who lives directly across the street.  I remembered that her twelve year old daughter was going through her twentieth surgery that very moment. The twelve year old girl's lungs were functioning at thirty five percent and this is a life threatening surgery. 

Like I have said so many times before it could be so much worse that a fixable cosmetic imperfection. I am one blessed Mommy. No one should feel sorry for me including myself.

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