Monday, November 2, 2015

An Eskimo, Frankenstein, and An Our Generation Doll

Mila made a pretty darn cute Eskimo. She was unsure about Halloween at first but quickly warmed up and, I am confident in saying she had a great time. Mila enjoyed handing out candy a lot more than trick or treating herself. She got really excited when she saw kids coming to the door. "More friends coming" was her favorite thing to say. We allowed Mila to eat three suckers and two packs of smarties. She loved the candy. What kid doesn't right?!

Max was his usual happy self on Halloween. No surprise there. This kid is pretty awesome. He gave out lots of smiles. Only one parent commented on his helmet and she shared a story about how her daughter had to wear leg braces. I have had a few other people randomly speak to me shopping only to tell me how adorable he is. The helmet thing has been just fine. Easy peasy and Max's head is becoming more and more round. Yay!

I have been  obsessed with dolls lately. I started Christmas shopping and as much as I would love to spend the hundred and twenty dollars on an American Girl doll for my two year old daughter, I know better. The Our Generation dolls at Target are super cute and only twenty bucks! I decided to give Mila one for Halloween. Yes, my child got a Halloween present, but I think it was more for me. Well, Mila loved the doll. So much so, that my husband joked that we now have a third child to dress and put to sleep. Audrey-Anne, the Our Generation doll, had to go with us to the neighborhood Halloween festivities. Mila wanted to push her all the way back home in her stroller. That made for a long walk back. Mila wants to feed the doll. Mila wants to dress and undress the doll over and over again which requires help from Mommy or Daddy. Maybe I should rethink the Kendra doll I already got her for Christmas!

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