Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Christmas Gifts for Mila

Is it crazy that I am already done shopping for my toddler daughter? Shopping for her is just too easy and too much fun!

As soon as I saw these Disney Vans I had to have them. It was almost impossible to find them in a toddler size 7 but luckily I found them here. Shipping from Australia was actually free and the conversion rate made these shoes about $38, which is actually cheaper than they sale them in the US. So excited I found these. I like them so much I would totally wear these myself. I have not started my search for Women's size 7 quite yet :-)

These adorable Princess shirts are for sale at Old Navy.  I actually found them in store for $3.99.

I have mentioned my doll obsession in an earlier post. I totally bought this for me, Mila.

 What is a dollhouse without furnishings? I found this cute desk at Walmart.

And lastly another gift that may be for me more than Mila, but I know she will enjoy it. Lincoln Logs! I loved these as a kid. They bring back great memories. Building with her will be pretty entertaining. I love seeing Mila use her imagination and play make believe. So much fun!

Christmas is going to be a blast this year. Mila will be two and a half. I so look forward to seeing her light up on Christmas Day!

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