Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Easter Basket Goodies

I'll admit I went a little overboard with the Easter goodies. I usually am pretty good about not buying Mila too much stuff especially at the age she is now. She is still too young to know what is going on. I always start my shopping after the holiday the year prior. Last year her my obsession was Sock Monkey. I was stoked to find a Sock Monkey Easter Basket for two bucks the day after Easter last year. I was also able to score eggs on clearance for about a quarter. 

My Easter basket filler search began about a month ago. I found most everything on Amazon. We are Amazon Prime members and boy do we get our money's worth with that. I found the bunny bag for half the price it is for sale now. I completely forgot about the purchase because of the delayed shipping and bought Mila the Care Bear bunny from Walmart. I ended up giving her the Bunny bag early. She seems to really like it. 

I have mentioned before that Mila loves stickers, so I had to get her some. I am not sure she is going to actually wear the sunglasses, but I could not resist Target's dollar bin glasses. The finger puppets and harmonica are so cute, cheap, and perfect basket stuffers. I almost forget the tradition of a book per holiday. This is the one I chose for Easter Happy Easter (sparkle 'n' shimmer book).

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  1. I have already started shopping also! It is fun to fill those baskets with Easter treats. I must say I will have to give Mila at least one "sweet".