Monday, March 16, 2015

Weekend Success

I feel like Mila grew up a year in a matter of a weekend.

Her attention span is really growing. Just last week, I couldn't get her to color for more than a couple minutes. This weekend coloring was her favorite activity. She would sit on her couch and color and place a sticker and color and place a sticker. It was awesome. Since I was sick with a viral and ear infection, I was able to just lay beside her and watch her doodle. She must have stayed entertained for thirty minutes at a time.

Who cares that she is not even coloring in the book!

I was also able to work in the kitchen for a good amount of time. I just handed Mila some utensils and a pot with a tiny amount of water and she played and played for a good half hour. This is a girl that usually needs constant attention and entertainment. I am still shocked by her ability to play by herself.

Mila also showed us that she wants to do some things on her own, such as getting dressed. The two minute task has become a fifteen minute task, but at least she is learning how to put her clothes on.

The most surprising of all weekend activities was...... Mila peed in her potty! What? We really haven't even been working with her yet to potty train. She grabbed her diaper, so my husband asked he if she needed to use the bathroom. She waddled into the bathroom and we sat her on her training toilet and sure enough there was music. Yes, I said music. The potty has a built in reward system that plays tunes for potty success. Sounded silly to me at first, but we knew as soon as she tinkled. Good girl Mila!

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