Monday, March 23, 2015

Maternity Wardrobe Challenge

My maternity photos are coming up. I have been thinking about what to wear for a while. With my last pregnancy, the photoshoot was indoors in a studio. The photographer had lots of wraps, so wardrobe was not an issue.

Although I loved my pictures, I wanted to go with a more affordable photographer this time around. I feel like this happens a lot with the second child. The quality of products for the new baby goes down quite a bit. Hand me downs, cheaper crib, Up & Up diapers instead of Pampers, and less money on photos. The first child is a great learning experience. By the second, I feel like a pro and I know where I should and shouldn't be spending my money.

I spent around a hundred bucks last night on clothing options for the pictures. This is totally justified since my photographer is about a fourth of the price of my last. We will be outside for the shoot. With the weather warming up, I think this will work out great. I love outdoor photos.

I searched and searched for the perfect dress. It seems like all maternity clothes are loose and flowy. I really wanted something tight to show off my curves. As soon as I came across this dress, I wanted it.

I searched the internet an hour or so more but went back to this pick. I thought navy blue would be a great color since it is a boy.

I also grabbed a couple bandeaus and maxi skirts. Here are a couple. Obviously, they don't go together.

Of course, I have to show off my huge midriff! Hoping these work out. I will find out soon enough!

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  1. They are cute options! I hope that the pictures turn out great for you!

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