Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mila's Favorite Foods

It is really fun and also really frustrating learning the foods my toddler will eat and not eat. I never would have thought a couple of these would be her favorites.  

1. Cottage Cheese - I am not even sure why this stuff was ever in our house, because I certainly don't eat it. My husband picked it up from the store one day, I guess for himself, and it quickly became a must on our grocery list. This girl loves cottage cheese. I think it is for sure her number one on the list.

2. Hummus - One of my favorites and now one of my daughter's. I like hummus on crackers, pretzels, celery, and carrots. Mila just likes hummus. She licks it off what ever I giver her and will eat it with a spoon out of the container if I let her. I sometimes can get her to eat a hummus sandwich but she often opens that up and licks the hummus up. Silly baby.

3. Cantaloupe - This is our go to food when Mila says "No" to the food we have prepared for her. We usually always have one cut up in the fridge. We, Mila and her preggo Mama go through at least two cantaloupes a week.

4. Sweet Bell Peppers - This is a new find that Mila's babysitter mentioned and it is true. Mila loves red bell peppers, especially when she can dip them in ketchup.

5. Pineapple - I think pineapple is Mila's second favorite fruit, but she prefers cantaloupe.

6. Yogurt - Mila gets really excited for yogurt, but I am starting to think she likes to make a mess with it more than she likes to actually eat it. Last night she stuck her hand in the container, grabbed a handful and wiped in across the counter top. Not cool!

7. Broccoli - Mila will pretty much eat any fruit but hardly any veggies. Surprisingly, this is the one veggie she usually says yes to.

8. Oatmeal - She is definitely spoiled with the peaches and cream or blueberries and cream but Mila loves this stuff. She usually finishes the bowl.

Honerable Mentions

Fla-vor-ice - I have been wanting a lot of these lately. I was just sharing with Mila but she was getting more than I was, so I decided she can have her own. She is actually a pro at eating them. I was of course worried she might choke. I just keep a close eye on her and she is one happy girl for the duration of her ice stick.

Apple Juice - I usually mix apple juice with water but these juice pouches do that for me. I was impressed that she can drink out of a pouch at 20 months. Go Mila.

Dip - I don't consider dip an actual food but Mila certainly does. Every time we sit down for a meal she says dip. It is really cute but hard to find a dip for every meal. Mila will dip pretty much anything in ketchup and eat it, even pineapple.

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