Monday, April 6, 2015

Real Bunny vs. Man in a Rabbit Suit

I have never understood why so many people flock to the mall to get their child's picture taken with the Easter Bunny. It is pretty freaky to think about it really. I would be letting my daughter sit in a man's lap that I know nothing about. For all I know he could be a pedophile.

Usually a toddler's reaction to this ridiculous giant bunny costume is more fear that delight. This is also true with Santa Claus. I have rarely if ever seen a small child happy to be sitting in Santa's lap or the Easter bunny's. In fact there are tons of websites out there dedicated to this. Here are just a few Easter photos gone wrong I came across Funny Easter Pictures, Terrifying Photos of Giant Bunnies, 47 Easter Bunnies More Terrifying Than a Crucified Man Coming Back From the Dead. Unless you are trying to make it big by getting on one of the websites or you want to laugh about your child screaming and crying, I feel like you should just pass on torturing your child.

There are adults out there fearful of people in costumes. Masklophobia is the fear of mascots (people in costumes), Coulrophobia is the fear of clowns, and Xenohabilzoophobia is the fear of people in animal costumes. It makes complete sense that children wouldn't like mascots, clowns, the Easter Bunny or Santa. 

Instead of making my daughter suffer and sit in a man's lap in a bunny costume, I decided to get pictures of her with a real bunny. Mila absolutely loved the bunny rabbit and the pictures turned out great. I feel good about it. I would much rather show my friends, family, and the future adult Mila happy pictures than scary ones.


  1. The Easter Bunny creeps me out, so we haven't taken our Mila to see him yet after 2 Easters. If she ever asks, I suppose we will. Otherwise, no thank you!

    Great photos! Love Mila's dress!!

  2. Absolutely beyond adorable photos!!! Love the props too ;)