Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Good and Bad of Pregnancy.

The Good.

The Food. For me, it is Bojangles. The seasoned french fries, the buttery biscuits, the chicken tenders and honey mustard. I could eat it everyday, but I have the will power to stay away when not pregnant. When I am pregnant, I am supposed to gain weight, so why not?

The Pregnancy Excuse. If I want Bojangles it is because I am pregnant. If I want to stay on the couch all night and do nothing, it is because I am pregnant. If I cry at a movie or yell at my husband, it is definitely the pregnancy. I consider this all to be true but having the pregnancy excuse is pretty handy.

People are Nicer. People hold the door for you, let you jump in line, smile at you in passing, give up their seat for you, and even offer to hold your bags. I feel like people actually care about how pregnant women feel when they ask. This is something I will definitely miss after the baby comes.

No Period. I have the worst menstrual cramps, so skipping a period for over a year is awesome.

Sweats Whenever I Want. At home of course. Although, I have been getting away with dressing down at work now that I am noticeably very pregnant.

Ultrasounds. Any chance you get to see your baby is pretty great. We have seen our baby boy four times. Two were at the doctor and two were paid for. Well worth the money to get a glance at that sweet baby.

Baby Clothes. Pretty much buying anything for the baby is fun, especially tiny little outfits. I love thinking about my baby wearing the clothes in the future. He is going to be so cute it that is usually what I am thinking.

Nesting. Decorating is one of my favorite things to do anyway, so of course decorating a baby room makes this list. Even washing baby clothes puts a smile on my face.

Feeling Baby Move. It is pretty amazing knowing there is a life inside you. Those kicks and jabs are the best reminder of this. I love feeling the baby move. Around 8:00 at night is the best. He is all over the place, and it is so cool.

Knowing you will meet your baby soon. In six weeks we will meet our baby boy. The onset of labor may be scary, but knowing you are about to meet your child is a great feeling. I cannot wait until that car ride to the hospital.

The Bad.

Peeing All the Time. That baby is pressing on my bladder all the time making me have to pee all the time. I am getting up six to seven times a night. We should have stock in Charmin toilet paper.

Not being Able to Sleep. Maybe it is the getting up six to seven times or maybe it is the feeling like it is ninety degrees when it is really seventy. Getting comfortable at night is nearly impossible. I cannot wait to sleep on my back again.

Nausea. I was not sick with my first pregnancy, but this pregnancy got me. Certain smells, going up the stairs, brushing my teeth, no food on my stomach... I felt like anything and everything was setting me off in the first thirteen weeks. I even got sick just a couple of weeks ago. Not fun at all.

Swollen Feet. During my last pregnancy, my feet looked like they were straight out of a cartoon. This pregnancy they are not as bad but still swollen feet. It is definitely not a comfortable feeling. Can't wait to have normal sized feet again.

Pregnancy Brain. I for sure have it. I forget where I put my keys, purse, and shoes. I have even lost a few items I still can't find. Pregnancy Brain is For Real!

Shaving. I cannot see anything under my belly, especially my bikini line. I often cut myself and usually don't do a good job shaving. Who knew shaving would be something I miss.

Being Hungry. It seems never ending. Two hours after a big meal, I am hungry again. I have to pack two breakfasts to take to work. I feel like I have an appetite for a lot more that two.

Back Pain. I have back pain even when I am not pregnant, but pregnancy surely does not make it better. I am sure it does not help that I have a desk job and sit at my computer hours a day. I am so ready for the birth of my son and for summer to follow.

Sniffles. I have had a stuffy nose the entire duration of my pregnancy so far. Because of my weaker immune system, I have also been sick twice. I just want to be able to breathe again.

The No No's of Pregnancy. I miss a good glass of wine, hoppy beer, sashimi, rare steak, and caffeine just to name a few. Counting down the days until I can eat raw tuna and have a nice glass of sparkling.

As bad as pregnancy may sometimes be, it is so worth it. I would give up alcohol, sushi, or any of the no no's for the rest of my life if it meant I would have a healthy baby. It is all worth it when the doctor hands over that perfect baby. I cannot wait!

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  1. Funny that you say people are nicer to you. When I was pregnant, I can't say anyone was nicer to me. At one point, I was very pregnant, carrying my tote, a coffee, and a big box into work one day - clearly struggling. The woman in front of me just let the door slam in my face. I was SO irritated.