Monday, December 22, 2014

Bunting Project

It is true that bunting is simple. You can find tutorials all over the internet if you don't just want to wing it. What I didn't realize is how time consuming the art project is. My 8 foot bunting banner took about three hours to complete. I decided to make this banner for my daughter's new room. I think it will look lovely with her teepee. Here are my brief and somewhat sloppy directions but hey it turned out cute.

You will need a sewing machine, minimal sewing skills, fabric, and bias tape.
  1. The first step is to either find a bunting template online or make your own. To make your own just open a word document, insert triangle shape, and drag to your desired shape. I printed on card stock and skipped the step of transferring to fabric paper. That just seems like added work and a waste of time.
  2. After cutting your template out, you will need to cut your fabric out. Make sure fabric is ironed in half. I found it much easier to fold fabric in half and cut two triangles at a time. Cut desired amount of triangles and pin triangles together with the back side of the fabric on the outside. 
  3. It is time to sew. Sew both long edges of triangles together leaving the short edge open. After all triangles are sewn it is time to flip triangles right side out. Poking out the point can be tricky. I have read that chopsticks work well, but I didn't have chopsticks laying around the house. I used the end of a writing pen.
  4. Bias tape is already folded in half but go ahead and iron the tape shut. Next, you will pin triangles to the bias tape spaced out evenly. I used the cardboard my bias tape came in as a guide. It was probably three inches wide. A guide is a lot easier than measuring between each triangle. After all triangles are pinned to the tape, sew all the way across. It will be a lot less time consuming to go ahead and sew the entire length of bias tape than to stop after each triangle and start again. Enjoy your bunting. Thumb tacks are a great way to hang these banners.

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