Friday, December 5, 2014

Oh brother!

I have to admit, I was thinking it was a girl. It was only about ten seconds into the ultrasound, and I could see that it was no girl. It's a boy! I have no idea how those that don't want to know don't see in between the baby's legs and make an educated guess.

Mila was there with us but she had no idea what was going on. She was being entertained by the ultrasound tech's two year old daughter and Daddy. Wes was feeding cheese puffs to both girls trying to keep them entertained. He missed out on a lot of the experience but I think all he needed to know is that baby #2 is a boy. I looked over to my husband when the tech said out loud what I had already seen with my own eyes. Wes had a small smile on his face. I know he is so excited but he said he just wanted a healthy baby and the sex didn't matter. Good answer Daddy but you are getting a son!

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