Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Big Facebook Reveal

With Mila, I was so eager to share the news that I was expecting with Facebook. I waited until the twelve week safety zone but as soon as that marker hit I told the internet world. This time it just seemed different. I kept putting off the Facebook photoshoot and finding excuses to wait for the big post. I had the adorable, I am going to be a big sister shirt, for almost a month. Well last night I threw in the towel. It was time to share the big news with my 1000+ friends. Surely they all need to know and will be ecstatic that I am preggo for the second time. I am almost sixteen weeks this time. I know the sex of the baby. It was time to share this secret with former classmates I don't talk to, people I met once and don't even know their name, and all those phony friends that can't take the time to pick up the phone or come visit me. I received many comments and likes but it all seems silly. Facebook has become so fake. It is like this is the way I want people to perceive me and the funny thing is it actually works. I am just over the poser social media site. The people I am closest to already knew the big news. They are the ones that matter. Maybe that is why I was so hesitant.


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  2. #1. Such exciting news!!
    #2. You are so right. Facebook has become quite the life competition lately. Feelings change so rapidly, all with the likes or silence. You can go from feeling so popular and witty with many likes, to feeling depressed for being "left out" of parties and events you see posted. And gosh darn, that ever perplexing, why do people only post on my birthday?