Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas with a toddler

The week before Christmas we drove to West Virginia. It was a hike and took 7 hours to get there. Surprisingly, Mila did well. Her morning nap turned into a one o'clock nap but it worked out. Mila actually did great the entire trip. She played with her Great Grandpa (PePa) which was a lot of fun to see and the main reason we made the trip. He got her a couch for Christmas that has become her favorite toy.

Mila did a really good job on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I get nervous when she is around my big family. They are pretty loud and a little in your face. I tried to get Mila there a little early before it got overwhelming with people. I think that worked. Mila was still sleepy eyed when looking at what Santa brought and still too young to know what is going on. This year she enjoyed ripping the wrapping paper off the boxes more than what was inside. Next year will be a different story.

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