Monday, January 5, 2015

Name Game

The name game seems so much harder this time around than it did with our daughter. We knew from the beginning her name was going to be Mila (Mee-lah). The only problem I have come across is the mispronunciation of the name from others. Mee-lah is Myla to many including our Pediatrician's office. Hopefully, our daughter does not have to encounter a lifetime of corrections, but even so I still think it is a beautiful name and am happy with the decision.

Deciding on a boy's name seems like it requires much more effort than it does for a girl's. We were pretty set on Jordan Dale if this baby was a girl. This is a somewhat masculine name but that is okay to us when naming a girl. A feminine boy's name is definitely not going to work for me. Unfortunately, Jordan has become a masculine-turned-feminine baby name more commonly used for girls.

Then there is my husband's opinion which of course I have to consider. We will undoubtedly name our son together. Nicknames are a must for my husband, and I can do without shortening a name. I like unique and edgy names such as Bladen, Drake, Ridge, and Ace. These names are a no go for my husband. Wes has even said he doesn't want a name cooler than our son. Of course, I think our son is going to be awesome and can live up to a rock star name. I don't like over popular plain names. These are names my husband has been gravitating towards. Suggestions have been Matthew, Nicholas, Jack, and Mason.

So now to meet in the middle. We have come up with a few for our maybe list. I have mentioned some of the maybe list names to family and friends and quickly realized that no name will please everyone. Family and friends are not afraid to criticize our considerations. The smartest thing to do is keep name candidates a secret until our baby is born. From now on when asked the famous name question, my answer will be simple. I don't know. Everyone will pretend to like the name after it is already printed on a birth certificate. I may even believe everyone likes the name. That sounds like a win to me.


  1. Ha ha! That is so true! You are a good writer -- and witty too! I'm glad I came across your blog. --Shawna Marie

  2. Congrats on baby #2!!! I am also pregnant with my second!! :) We are also keeping our name a secret, no dealing with others opinions - who could not like the name when they are looking at a newborn baby?!!! Excited to follow along!