Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Failed Photoshoot

Mila is not exactly the model type. Although she hams it up for my husband and I, at our last photo shoot she ran from the camera. She cried and threw a temper tatrum right there at the park site. This is our only picture from the day. As you can see, she is bolting out of there as fast as she can.

I was so excited to get a cute photo and send out valentine cards to my family and friends, but it just did not work out. Not only was this going to be our vday pic, but it was also Mila's eighteen month birthday. I thought this was perfect, a two in one deal. Anyone that has a toddler knows, things do not always turn out as planned.

Our photographer was great. She was so patient and not irritated at all. After twenty five minutes of screaming, my husband and I decided to give up. It seemed like torture for Mila and just didn't seem right. As soon as we put Mila in her car seat, she was giggling and in a great mood. I really think she was scared of those balloons! Look at her when we got home. Back to her happy self.


  1. Aw sweet girl! My daughter went through a stage where she hated real cameras but was okay with the camera phone variety. The shot you did get wasn't half bad though! Still sweet!

  2. I know exactly how you feel! I always want to do all of these super cute photo shoots that I see on Pinterest and my daughter REFUSES to let me pose her or even so much as look at the camera! And you can forget about getting a smile! I have to try to trick her into looking or smiling at me! I just hope she outgrows it soon so I can get some really cute pics before she is 18! Hopefully your daughter will do better for the next ones! :)