Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's Weekend in Photos

We had a great Valentine's weekend with Mila. She was in a great mood all weekend. We didn't get her much for the holiday, but we did get her a board book and the dragon puppet from her favorite video. I thought this was going to be a huge hit but Mila was scared of the funny looking puppet. I am hoping she will warm up to it and like it as much as she likes the Baby Einstein video.

Mila is still figuring out the gift opening thing. Here she is with her presents. She is posing for the camera but not that interested in her Valentine's presents.

After some prompting, she rips into them.

And her favorite is a valentine from a boy at her daycare. She carried the Minnie cup around with her all morning.

I really wanted to get Mila a cake pop but was unable to find them anywhere. I looked at local cupcake shops and grocery stores but they were nowhere to be found. I decided to make them myself. They were not as much fun as I thought they would be, but I did it and Mila and my husband liked them.

And here are a couple other favorite photos from the weekend.

Great weekend!

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