Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Say What?

I have known for a while that adolescents do not have a filter. I am just discovering now that neither do adults! It is so funny what people will say to you when you are pregnant. I have been documenting responses to my pregnancy for a couple months now. I plan to continue. Some of these statements, I do not want to forget!

"Ewwww you are nasty. This is the second time you have been pregnant." - former student, 9th grade

"You blew up." - 6th grader

"You are so little. It looks like you are smuggling a turkey in there." - 6th grader

"Are you sure you are not having twins?" - 7th grade student, coworker

"You are a lot bigger this time than last." - husband, mother, coworker

"Your face has filled out." - coworker

"You are going to have a ten pounder." - mother-in-law, coworker

"I can tell you are pregnant. Your nose has gotten wide." - coworker

"Who is the baby daddy?" - 7th grader

"Are you pregnant?' (25 weeks +20 lbs) - 6th grade student

"Wow. You popped over the weekend." - coworker

"You are gaining weight all over this time. Must be a boy thing." - coworker

"This must have been an accident." - stranger

"You are getting big. Your jacket is too short." - coworker

"You look like you swallowed a watermelon." - coworker

"Oh, you look pregnant." - coworker

After being out of work for nearly a week because of snow and ice, "what did you eat over the break?" - coworker


  1. At least your mom only made one comment - lol! You are beautiful pregnant!!
    Love you!

  2. People are so crazy, right? My one of my coworkers was commenting that my stomach had gotten huge and the other walking by interjected that my rear end had also grown substantially! Lol!! People just have No Clue. You are adorable. Xoxo