Thursday, February 5, 2015

24 weeks

How far along: 24 weeks. Baby is the size of a cantaloupe.

Total weight gain: 19 pounds.

Maternity clothes: I love Jessica Simpson pants. They fit perfectly and aren't too long. I am also really big on long sleeve henley type shirts. The more comfortable the better.

Sleep: It is starting to get harder to get comfortable. The getting to sleep easily days are over.

Best moment this week: Our house was reappraised for $50,000 more than we paid for it just over a year ago. That was pretty awesome.

Food cravings: Bojangles honey mustard on anything!

Food aversions: None. I pretty much want to eat everything in sight.

Gender:  We are told 100% baby boy!

Labor signs: Thankfully none yet.

Pregnancy symptoms: Moody, popped belly, hungry.

Belly Button in or out? Almost out. It won't be long.

What I miss: Wine, sushi, being able to get to sleep, being skinny, normal size nose.

What I am looking forward to: Meeting our Baby Boy!

Milestones: Baby is considered viable. If our baby was born today, he has a chance of survival. That is a big deal to me and a small relief.


  1. You are precious pregnant - love that little boy already!!